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obamafy (òb'ma fy)
tr.v. oba·ma·fied, oba·ma·fy·ing, oba·ma·fies

1.a. to ensure or resist with boldness and assurance by creating a rumor and waging it to promulgate for self-interests.

b. To contrive and present as genuine hiding the facts:

2. to be unaffectedly resisting or withstanding by procreated gossip without producing evidence in public.
- they always obamafy and they want other people believe in it.
- the news is obamafied and quite musharafic.
- he obamafied the rumor with subtlety
less people believe on OBL's death news, as they say it is completely obamafied. (OBL = Osama Bin Laden)

n. oba·ma·fica·tion (-fikayshn)
by Kazmi May 16, 2011
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To fix something a cheap way, or with the wrong materials just to make it work.

Synonyms include "Jury rig" "Jerry rig" "Nigger rig" "McGyver"
1. I used duct tape to Obamafy the sink drain. It stopped leaking for now.

2. My peace of crap car wont start because the battery terminal broke off. I'll have to Obamafy it with a clamp until I can get it fixed right."
by Mimchenry1900 September 07, 2010
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to relate things to Senator Barack Obama by the adding of either his first or last name to a word or sentence
Chris: I hate the whole "Obamafy" trend these days.
Scott: I believe the correct form for that particular term is obamafication.

Tom: Are you ready for a night on the town?
Lisa: Let's Barack-n-roll

John: Have you seen the movie Barackolypse Now?
Ed: No, but I just got through watching Obamageddon.
by scottzorrzz September 07, 2008
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To make better; to improve; to revolutionize; to make cool. (i.e to hope for a better tomorrow)
California needs to Obamafy their marital laws.
by oaklanders for change November 04, 2008
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