a communist president of the united states who is by far the worst president in the history of america
guy: whats communism?

girl: ask obama.
by goodlooks88 September 07, 2012
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a person who can win or do anything only because they are black. you don't need any skill in any one thing to be an obama you only have to be black.

white guy 1:how did Jamol win that tom cruise look alike contest, hes black?

white guy 2:exactly.
by sneaky jb July 11, 2011
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It means that you should kill yourself because obama is part of the illuminati
Yeah did you know obama rapes chinese immigrants
by KennyXaswell November 22, 2016
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a cleaned shaved vagina, to have removed all pubic hair.
obama to remove your "Bush"
Do you keep a full bush or is your pussy obama.
by Fastest322 January 24, 2009
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The current president of the United States of America. Elected into office by people who are either jaded into thinking that all conservatives think like Bush, white people who want to appear progressive because they're voting for a black person into office without looking at his background or experience, black people who've never voted before, but vote now without doing any kind of research about him because he's a 'brother' or the 'Hope' ads made them think it's cool to vote for him, or the occasional rational being who voted for him because they weighed thier options and figured he'd be better than McCain.
Johnny: Are you voting for Obama or McCain?

Hank: I don't know, they're both kinda douches :P
by Coasterface February 18, 2009
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The Magic Negro; a widely accepted sociological concept applied to the 44th US President. Not to be confused with the magic dragon, which Obama puffed (and inhaled).
Obama, the Magic Negro, will make everything right -- LA Times.
by ipsler.gonkler December 31, 2008
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