Don't Do Stupid Shit (DDSS)
On Air Force One on an Asian trip, Obama presented the basic guiding principle of the Obama Doctrine: "Don't Do Stupid Shit". However, he failed to give a coherent vision of the Great Stuff, or even the principles guiding such great decisions for a vision.
by mlhiss August 14, 2014
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Extreme incompetence applied with extreme ignorance.
Durring the Obamafication of America the U.S. Congress, applying the Obama Doctrine, have proceeded to use up trillions in taxpayer dollars in an attempt to create a "proper" welfare state.
by RoRo, Fight da Powa October 04, 2010
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Listen to other leaders and be respectful of other cultures and nations.
Improve trade and other positive inter-relationships with other Countries.
Build broad coalitions when possible, and try to work within the framework of the UN, but sometimes unilaterally or with small coalitions, especially when dealing with terrorists threats.
Increase intelligence and spying, to threshold where it may infringe on civil rights and civil liberties.
Maintain secrecy, and go after whistle blowers and leakers, and occasionally the press.
Avoid getting into traditional wars, and get out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, by training their armies and then moving out of the Countries as much as possible.
Support uprisings like Arab Spring, through coalition building, and supporting legit rebel forces when possible, and providing humanitarian aid, without getting entangled in a civil war.
Minimize weapons of mass destruction by eliminating chemical weapons and nuclear proliferation
Go directly after terrorists Drones, and Special Forces.
Destroy al Qaeda by killing or capturing their top leadership like Osama Bin Laden, major bounties for their kill or capture.
Maintain a bias toward Israel.
Recognize the theory of right to self determination!
Interviewer: What is the Obama Doctrine, Sarah.
Sarah Palin: I'm not the one to ask, I did not do well in foreign policy, and I watch Fox News.
by mlhiss October 07, 2013
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