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By the end of 2008 the economy was in the worst condition since the great depression, the financial sector was in big trouble and GM was bankrupt. Through Obamafication the financial industry is being returned to solvency, GM is once again making a profit, and jobs are being created.
by Mr.Juan-derful April 28, 2010
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Defined in Wikipedia in June 2008 by African-American behavioral scientist and author Torrance T. Stephans, Ph.D.

Pronunciation: oh-bah-mah-fi-ca-shuhn


1. The act of being so caught up in a man Barack Obama, one looses site of the issues.

2. The act of being excited about change; especially in the United States.


1. "With the Obamafication of America, there has been a tendency to look away from other things that are important and are historical in their own right."

2. He has been blinded by Obamafication.
by Kit (Keep It Trill) July 10, 2008
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The process a country goes through when a man is elected leader of that country and destroys it from the inside out.
When the process of Obamafication was finished, the United States was left in ruins.
by An American Patriot August 06, 2009
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