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Verb; when a plan goes horribly wrong. To be interpreted as an order of magnitude worse than "Backfired".
FunnyJunk: Hey TheOatmeal, I'm suing you for 20,000$ in damages.

TheOatmeal: Oh really now? How about "f*ck off" ?

FunnyJunk: lol! Dude... do you even lift?

TheOatmeal: Actually, I'm going to fund-raise 20,000$, give it to charity instead, crucify your website by turning most of your user-base against you, have my fans inadvertently cause a DDoS on your lawyer website. Oh, and why not raise 120,000$ for charity instead, while I'm at it.

FunnyJunk: F*ck... my plan totally Oatmealed :,-(

TheOatmeal: Friendly suggestion: drop the lawsuit. Or else.
by Fock Hoff June 12, 2012
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When you want to buy online content legally (movies, music) but it isn't available, so you pirate it with the real intention of buying it later
I wanted to buy 'Game of Thrones' but I couldn't buy I oatmealed it.
by Fozzie_debear March 07, 2012
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The act of making frivolous and/or highly inaccurate statements or lawsuits against a popular figure whereupon the internet followers and fans of such quickly jump to support said figure and expeditiously raise monitary funding for either the person's legal defense or an alternate charitable organization. Basically, you screwed yourself.
You're suing a guy whose stuff you stole and posted on your website? Dude, you're oatmealed...
by Julesong June 11, 2012
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