A style of peg-legged baggy pants, with a huge billowing crotch that went down below the knees. They were made out of this strange kind of shiny metallic parachute material.
"Can you believe people actually wore hammer pants in the 90s? What the hell was Gen X thinking?"
by Xavier January 30, 2004
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The act of crapping your pants so badly that the stool size limits your mobility so you must STOP to do a sort of M.C. Hammer shuffle towards the restroom.
Me: "Did you see that guy shuffling down the hallway?"

Stranger: "Yeah man, either he is in a dancing mood or dudes got a mean case of the hammer pants."
by tacticalgoose28 July 10, 2012
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Mc Hammer pants are the 80's most baggiest pants . These oversized crotch pants allowed the Hammer to do his signature dance. These pants were the shit back then. However, if worn today, it looks as if you took a crap in a tent and wore it as pants.
T: Look at that guy's pants. It looks like large diaper.

D: Naw, MC Hammer pants were the shit in the 80s.

T: looks like he took a shit in them in 2017
by Big truck, small dick November 2, 2017
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One of the many nouns used to describe the male reproductive organ.
Also known as: What your mom was munching on last night.
"Wow, I'd like to give his mom a pound with my pants hammer!"
by E. Nigma May 23, 2007
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