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Oven Timer Unit; the gears extracted from a mechanical oven clock (and often, other electrical clocks). These, along with a pager or salvaged motor, can often be used to build up a cheap but effective gear motor.
Do you have an OTU?

I own an OTU.
by Otu May 26, 2007
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Son, I thought I told you that condoms are for OTU. You are going to take responsibility for this one. You know where the Social Service office is!
by kris carter November 17, 2005
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"otu" stands for the Japanese "Otukaresama" which means good work.

Otukaresama means good work in a honorific way, whilst otu is used in a mocking way.

otu is used at the end of the sentence to mock the subject that you are mimicing or mocking of.

See the ex.
"Average 12 year old otu"

"Well this video sucked. I could've made a better one. Oh shit, I just ranted. Net-trolling otu"

"Man I have a dream, that one day, I'll be flying in the sky with everyone else, and..."
"MLKJr otu"
by MisterCrown November 04, 2009
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A cocky stuck-up bitch who prides himself in knowing he is original because his name is spelled wrong.
God, that kid at american eagle was such an otus!
by Otus96 September 29, 2011
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