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On Real Shit. Usually used when agreeing with someone. Like “Dead Ass
Person 1 : Are we skipping class today?

Person 2: ORS
by 21_$AL$A June 07, 2018
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Oriental Rice System- An Affermative case that many teams around the policy debate community use for the 2011-12 season. Involves the USFG sending rice into space to get smart asians to go to space.
Eddie: We're running ORS!
Puffin: Operationally Responsive Space?
Eddie: No. Oriental Rice System
by SPS4EVER October 23, 2011
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Toddler for "Yours." A word spoken by a young child or person that has difficulty with the "Y" sound at the beginning of the word.
"Mommy, let's take ors car."
by sean keefe August 26, 2006
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Abbreviation of open road salute; gesture used by motorcyclists to pay homage to one another in passing.
"Dude, that guy was riding the most incredible chopper, so I threw him an ORS."
by Morty Barnes July 01, 2005
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