A game for the Nintendo 3DS that I personally love. It strongly resembles The Sims, and somewhat resembles Animal Crossing. In the start of the game, you are given an island that you name and control. After that, you add a "Mii" that becomes your lookalike. There's many interesting ways to do so: you can take picture of yourself (and let the system fill out a Mii with your facial features), upload a Mii that you've created in the official Mii maker or start from scratch. The best part of adding a Mii I would say is giving them their own personalities. Once you've created a Mii, it gets needy: they want you to cheer them up if they get sad, feed them, give them stuff, make decisions for them and play with them. Something I fancy about the game is the different events like the Rap Battle. If I had to choose between The Sims and Tomodachi Life, I would choose Tomodachi Life since you are more of an observer than a controller. I also find it cool to see how advanced Mii's are now.
"Hey! I'm considering buying Tomodachi Life."

"My lookalike's personality in Tomodachi Life is an Outgoing Trendsetter."
by A person from the North May 30, 2016
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The Sims and Animal Crossing had sex in an apartment, and the resulting child was the addicting monstrosity that is Tomodachi Life - a life-sim video game where you attend to an island filled with Mii characters living very odd and seemingly boring lives. The best part is the food descriptions, though.
Girl: Dude, how long have you been playing Tomodachi Life
Guy: *checks watch* Oh God - five hours without a break.
by Kappa// July 10, 2014
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the cutest, finest sisterhood ever established in 1995! one of the clubs with the truest sisterhood :) <3
guy #1: damn, them tomohoes look hott ;)

guy #2: yeah, they're in the sisterhood Love Tomodachi!
by thebunnyyyyyy December 05, 2011
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she is the best and special for me her real name is sila kunguz. She is savage. I love you my dear with my whole heart and my soul.
Hey tomo can you help me about anything ? yeah sure anytime you want tomodachi.
by Miraischen September 14, 2020
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