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also used as "okm"
Stands for "Okay MUM".

Either used when:
1. your mum says something annoying (usually some "advice") to you in front of your friends.
2. one of your friends say something a mother would say.
A:"Don't forget to put on sunscreen swetie :)"
by The Wacky Wack May 17, 2016
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A version of ok meaning,
"Ok time to kill my self"
Used when you agree but are kinda sarcastic
Can also be used as Okys

As in ok kill your self
"Oh, didn't you hear she's dating him?"
"Okms, cause I wasn't good enough"
Ex 2
*Makes basketball shot*
Guy who missed and lost a bet - "okms"
by MangaXorXmanha October 12, 2017
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