Comes from the film "Metropolitan" in a bar scene where two young republicans define themselves as cultured post-modern upper-middle class sophisticates; thus, Urban Haute Bourgeoisie, or UHB.
"That girl won't date UHB, she's strictly prole; dating a frickin' electrician!"
by Rafael Taylor January 9, 2005
An acronym for 'used up has been'. A woman in her late 20's who was once a barstar, but now on the road to becoming a cougar, who is past her prime, and starting to deteriorate from age. UHB's quite often display bitterness and acrimony to younger more attractive girls, and to men they can't control; especially to doormen who refuse to let them in through the VIP} lineup at a nightclub.
Those nasty UHB's will never get into the VIP line, especially with that attitude.
by Robertino October 16, 2005
ava: i hate you alexis
lexi: your so rude uhb
by CookieM0nstsr December 11, 2018
When you're bored or have ADHD and proceed to type in (nearly) every button on your keyboard, from top right to bottom left. One might consider it the peak of boredom, but is there ever truly a peak? No matter how many combinations of letters you type in, there's always more. If someone actually managed to find EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE of these combination types, they'd be an absolute legend.
Me: *types '/=;.-pl,0okm9ijn8uhb7ygv6tfc5rdx4esz3wa2q1`}"?+{:>_PL<)OKM(IJN*UHB&YGV^TFC%RDX$ESZ#WA@Q!~ into my keyboard*
Me: hey I should put this on urban dictionary.
by W4ffleCat January 21, 2022
you think \/'.;.=,lp-mko0nji9bhu8vgy7cft6xdr5zse4aw3q21` is boredom? have you even typed \/'.;.=,lp-mko0nji9bhu8vgy7cft6xdr5zse4aw3q21`~!@Q#WA$ESZ%RDX^TFC&YGV*UHB(IJN)OKM_PL<+{:>}"?|?
by W4ffleCat February 16, 2022