Comes from the film "Metropolitan" in a bar scene where two young republicans define themselves as cultured post-modern upper-middle class sophisticates; thus, Urban Haute Bourgeoisie, or UHB.
"That girl won't date UHB, she's strictly prole; dating a frickin' electrician!"
by Rafael Taylor January 09, 2005
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An acronym for 'used up has been'. A woman in her late 20's who was once a barstar, but now on the road to becoming a cougar, who is past her prime, and starting to deteriorate from age. UHB's quite often display bitterness and acrimony to younger more attractive girls, and to men they can't control; especially to doormen who refuse to let them in through the VIP} lineup at a nightclub.
Those nasty UHB's will never get into the VIP line, especially with that attitude.
by Robertino October 15, 2005
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The pinnacle of boredom. Once you have gotten here you will have been ascended and have slain the god of universe -10 to 50. You have reached the summit of reality. There is nothing left for you here. You will have the truth of the universe to be revealed to you. You have surpassed all powerful beings in all religions. You are now the ultimate being. But you have nothing left. The real meaning of life is shown. Nothing really exists. We live in a reality that as always moving, always changing. In this reality you may think that things that you care about are there but they are not. Nothing is real. That is the truth.
Im going to type \'/=;.-pl,0okm9ijn8uhb7ygv6tfc5rdx4esz3wa2q1`1qaz2wsx3edc4rfv5tgb6yhn7ujm8ik,9ol.0p;/-'=\|}"?+{:>_PL<)OKM(IJN*UHB&YGV^TFC%RDX$ES#W@Q! and see what happe- *dies*
by a stupid idiot on the internet September 13, 2021
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When you are really bored and type diagonally on caps through the keyboard
|}"?+{:>_pl<)okm(ijn*uhb&ygv^tfc%rdx$esz#wa@q!~ this class is so boring...
by MinimaTheWarrior November 22, 2018
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