Simply put, one bad ass mother fucker... The TRUE Oger resides in a hot desert city called Tucson. A savage beast who also happends to be devilishly handsome. Women want him, and men want to be him...
Fan: Oger! Oger! You are one bad ass mother fucker! May I please have your autograph? After that, you can have a three way with my sister and my mom...

(Oger smiles, nods, and points at his fan in approval... Cameras flash as Oger walks away...)
by thetrueoger68 March 12, 2010
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1: Make Gay Jokes All The Time
2: Always Put Emojis In Your Texts
3 : Play Crash Twinsanity And Hate On The Sims 4
Me: Lmao 😂 i like sucking eggplants ❤😳

You: nibba wtf you're being a OGer right now smh
by OGJone August 07, 2018
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Big hairy white dude who rides choppers and drives corvettes. He may also like to get tattoos and take steroids to feel better about himself. May or may not wear a rug to cover his balding head.May also be a closet Homosexual.
"Look at that Oger in his 84 vette,I wonder if it has helped him make any friends.
by Mike Logan August 02, 2007
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