Verb. To complete a task or objective successfully without putting in the requisite work.
I just Obamaed that chemistry exam; I didn't study but still got an A!
by Dr. Charmoset December 04, 2009
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a way for smart people to say u voted for Obama because he is black there for your raciest because you treated someone differently because of their race ass
"ohhhhhhh you didn't vote for Obama you racist"
"Wow thats like me calling you sexist for not voting for Hilliary"
Room gasps

p.s that happened Too Me
by Clutzs is kinda clever June 15, 2010
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America's BEST president, and also, the BEST decision some people made
by 42% December 02, 2017
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A president like any other, the only difference is hes black(WTFF, stop putting so much emphasis on that).

A president viewed as the salvation of America but receives loads of praise though nothing has been done yet, and people need to shut up, quit fighting let him do his job and don't put someone who hasn't done jack yet on a pedestal.

He did not break any barriers, the barriers were broken ages ago, no one of another race has one and gotten majority vote, so really he's just the first to take a shot at it, he hit big deal. You can call him a glorious leader when he pulls us out of the hole, until then shut your traps, do your jobs, and let him do his
Person 1:Obama is our savior hes done so much hes broken many barriers, no one would let him be president
Person 2:He did nothing yet, give him some time before worshiping him
Person 1:Your a racist Nazi Fascist pig i bet you don't give your money to drug addicts like i do
Person 2: All i saying is give him some time hes yet to do anything he will but shut up until he does, and don't bring race into this
by GW_Watchman October 31, 2009
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(n.) Loose monetary change, named after the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama, whose campaign used the buzzword "change" very often in order to sway voters to his party.
You can hear me coming from across the room with all this obama in my pocket.

Your total today is $9.59, and since you paid $10, your obama is 41¢.
by linebeginstoblur November 02, 2009
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papi, did you get the sugar mama?
no he got the bitch mama instead.
obama, that's the word
by Goodchild November 22, 2011
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