Dude 1: Hey look its thats one guy.

Dude 2: Who President Obama?

Dude 1:?????? Yea

Dude 2: Damn your stupid dude 1.
by Dr. Bacon July 21, 2010
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is it his first name or last name?
person 1: you want Obama to win?

person 2: what is his first name?

person 1: I don't know?
by gagadad November 06, 2019
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A president who was better than Trump and Bush.
Obama was clearly a better President than Trump and Bush.
by I am not Barrack Obama. July 07, 2020
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the only president i care about. yet no one truly knows his last name
sean:“what’s obama’s last name ?”
anthony: “he has a last name??”
by obamaismyfather November 16, 2019
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