The 44th president of the US, also serving as the first African-American president of the US. Also a Democrat serving his second term as president. Not to be confused with brock obama
Obama is the first black president guys. That's as objective as I'll get.
by LordDankersLee March 04, 2015
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Verb/Noun: having swagger and class, humility and charisma; a healthy work-life balance and the envy of wives
β€œDude, that guy has so much obama, it’s not even funny.”
β€œI love you because you’re such an obama.”
All the guys wished they were more obama.
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by Fletcher414 December 08, 2017
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He's young, fresh, funky, and fierce.
'Damn babe you looking like Obama'
'You looking young, fresh, funky, and fierce ;)'
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by ObamaIsMyLove November 29, 2017
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Is the use of Barack Obama's last name as a suffix, such as gobama or nobama, and is a quick way to box yourself in as being on either extreme end of the political spectrum by anyone who hears you or sees your bumper sticker with one of the aforementioned phrases.
"are those people talking about the election? I have to tell them gobama all the way!"

"look, that pick-up truck had a nobama bumper sticker on it, now check to see if there is a confederate flag license plate."

by stoobz August 19, 2009
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