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Obligatory Adderall Shit. This phenomenon occurs approximately between 30 minutes and 2 hours after the consumption of Adderall. OAS' usually comes out of nowhere and require immediate location of a restroom.
OMG... dude I feel an OAS coming on!

I'm ready for the day now, just had my OAS!
by November 10, 2009
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abbreviation of Old Ass SHIT! O-ld A-ss S-hit
When someone has a bunch of junk lying around collecting dust and broken they have OAS.
Lyle: Man, The Humperdinks have so much OAS in their house.
Eric: I know, they need a dumpster for all that old ass shit!
by Lo-rettie W September 13, 2009
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The most amazing vehicle license plate coming from the Utah Region. The word is known to harness mystical powers that can turn the saddest day into the happiest should you gaze upon the license plate which contains these three letters.
Also sounds extraordinarily close to the name Pam.
I was driving down the road when I noticed the word oas on the license plate in front of me; I was immediately cured of all sadness in my life.
by Adrienne Wallet May 20, 2008
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OAS, also known as Obsessed with Apple Syndrome, is a common disease that hits most teenage boys whenever Apple releases a new product. This obsession often hinders their quality of life, to the point where they fantasize about Steve Jobs.
John: Have you seen George lately?

Kirk: Last time I checked, he was still in his basement looking at pictures of the iPhone 4.

John: Damn, it looks like OAS hit him.
by iHaveOAS June 24, 2010
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