Clearly an oxymoron, as no such thing may exist. The day one exists is the day the universe will explode from sheer confusion.
Person 1: LOL this asian guy in my math class couldn't answer this easy calculus problem! Stupid asian!

The world explodes.
by hoagly January 15, 2011
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An insult given to someone who is stupid, but no neccesarily an asian
1: Whats that over there?
2: Is it a bird?
3: No, its a train, you stupid asian!!
by Ballard!!! June 28, 2005
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If someone is Asian and are generally or stereotypically a really smart person, and you ask them a question and they answer it wrong or blank out for a few seconds and say "yeah?", then you are allowed to call them a "stupid Asian". Also, if they do something that is obviously stupid (e.g. jumping off the stairwell while trying to fly...even if they're just joking), than you can also call them a stupid Asian. If they've done something not even stupid or wrong, than you shouldn't call the Asian person a stupid Asian, because seriously, that's like calling this blond haired person a "dumb blonde", if they won a Nobel Prize. It's just stupid...
You: Hey uh, how 'bout that weather today...?
Asian: ...
Asian: ...
Asian: Whu?
You: Ugh, you stupid Asian!

You: Mr. _____, what is the answer to 4 + 4?
Asian: Ooh; I know!
You: ...well, what is it?!
Asian: Nine?!
You: Ugh, no you dumbass; eight! Agh, you're such a stupid Asian.
Asian and You: *laughing*

((There are some more examples, but I'm too lazy...))
by Suicide Club "Motoko" June 03, 2009
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a ref in proclub that gives you a straight red even thought they cannot see because they have squinty chinky gay eyes that do not open.
fuck you you stupid fucking asian cunts
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