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A master of all trades; to be devilishly handsome or ravishingly beautiful. O'Toole's are part time gods. They get what they want. More or less a general bad ass. To O'Toole someone is to give them the greatest pleasure they have ever experienced.
"Wow! So few people can get away with that, you must be an O'Toole."

"I had the greatest night last night, he O'Tooled me to the extreme for over four hours straight!"
by Go UCLA December 05, 2007
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Kay, so I'm up in the spot, a mean kid, not the type to smoke pot. You just heard the first rhyme, of this lullaby--show time. Met a girl, broke my world, not over it, won't dare show it, won't let her know it, Listen to my rap flow shit. Dissin bitches with my new hit, O'Toole, back in grade six, didnt know "Dicks before Chicks", Now it's what I'm all about, Listen to all the kiddies shout, "Dickhead, dickhead". Then O'Said Then O'Said. "Listen to me drop the beat, brng the heat, now bow-kiss my feet. This Bro's gotta' go skeet, so peaceee."
kid 1: Hey you know O'Toole?
kid 2: Yea, hes a dickhead
by Dalas Deveau April 27, 2008
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an extreme suckup that buys you pizza or pop just to be your friend.
person 1: Jason go get me a pop.
Jason: ok you want a slice of pizza too?
person 1: sure
person 2: that jason is such a fucking otoole.
by FlurryFire November 04, 2006
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Otherwise known as: douche bag, ass hole, nutsack, ass, boner,
" Dude don't be an Otoole" , "Do you have an Otoole" , "Dude my otoole hurts"
by Ben Nash September 18, 2011
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Otherwise known as: Douche bag, asshole, boner, dick, ball sack, nuts, ass
"Dude don't be an otoole", "Dude my otoole hurts.", "Do you have an otoole?"
by Benjamin Heane September 18, 2011
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