Abbreviation for 'bastard', suitable for public utterance.
"JD is such a 'stard."

Expletive: "Son-of-a-stard!!!"
by Jack Nick July 21, 2003
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When someone agrees to do a job or service and then, either, starts and does not finish or fails to start entirely.
He didn't even do the job? Damn... You got Stard
by BeatsBattlestaff April 25, 2021
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Silly word used by emo skater types with silly haircuts to describe a "rad" trick that was done stylishly, yet was high in difficulty. Stylish + hard = stard. Clever those skater types.
"that fronside kickflip switch 180 tailflip nollie frontlip nosegrind was stard."
by skater182 August 6, 2009
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Stards is a sexy french goose with huge testicles and he's **INSANE** at Hypixel solo Bedwars. His accomplishments range from being the third player to ever hit 10,000 solo Bedwars wins to being the previous record holder of both the daily and weekly solo Bedwars wins world records.

He is also a Youtube sensation, with his videos mainly focusing on showing off his **INSANE** gameplay and the accomplishments he's gotten. In April 2020 he uploaded the splash hit "La meilleur stratégie en Bedwars... Tuto Bedwars" which translates as "The best strategy in Bedwars... Bedwars Tutorial" and to this day it has acquired up to 3,000 views! Now to be honest this video doesn't really show off any insane skill at all, it's just him playing solo Bedwars on 1.14 and saying the best strategy is getting obsidian. However some videos that do show off his skills and accomplishments are his 10,000 solo Bedwars wins video (Feat. Sarlok), his two previous solo Bedwars world record games, and his 700 weekly solo Bedwars wins (previous world record).
Guy 1: Stards is the most **INSANE** solo Bedwars player!
Guy 2: True.
by Sarlok May 18, 2022
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