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this is the REAL definition. O'Hare is Irish for "Above the Rest" or "Better Than All Others". O'Hare happens to be to be used in Ireland as a word for cool.
Man that's really O'Hare -Ireland

Man that's really cool -U.S.
by Whats up July 05, 2005
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A word used to describe a person who is not actually mentally retarded but shows very clear signs of the deformity he isn’t supposed to have. The signs include, Stupid comments that don’t make sense, having trouble operating a fork and knife in sync and also having trouble not walking like a complete gimp.

person one: OMG my brother is such an idiot, he tried to retrieve his toast from the toaster with a knife today, and nearly killed himself!

person two: lol what an o'hare.
by wogboy1 August 02, 2006
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The midget who found a way to sell air, causing the economy to hail under him because he is a zillionaire. Acts as the big shot, but is the fucking greedy dirtbag overall. Also has a Hitler like haircut.
"Dad, your company is ending up like O'hare. Stop making everyone hail to you. Like Hitler"
by Dylan Dank April 18, 2017
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