When a girl t bag's someone. It is the female equivalent.
I was playing Call of Duty 3 this weekend and I o bagged the shit out of these guys "said by Katelyn"
by Mounds View October 22, 2007
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The act of a bag, or 'nut-sac' in this case, waggin' against something of substance, for example a man or women's ass-hole or clitoris.
"When Christina came home from a hard day at work and was noticibly upset Mike gave her the 'wag-o-bag' to cheer her!"
by TheWagginFox April 26, 2006
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A bag with more bags inside, particularly grocery bags.

It is popular in the Midwest as a way to save your bags.
Charlie: "Ope! I just got done getting groceries and now I have all these bags."
Jeff: "Put them in the bag 'o bags."
by Sawblade November 14, 2022
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Drinking game; removing the bag from a box of wine, yelling BAG-O as you smack the bag while it's held by your bag-o partner, then drinking from the spout as long as you can.
Dude "How do you want to go about getting drunk tonight?"
Sarah "Let's do Bag-o's!"

"I think the best way to finish this box of wine would be bag-o's"
by Quone March 2, 2008
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"ive got Bag-o girls phone numbers"
by Paddy September 28, 2003
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Women use it to clean their vajayjays
<fat person> anyone who doesn't liek WoW is a Bag o' Douche
<not fat person> NO U!
by Xtreme2252 March 9, 2009
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Refers to someone who is being particularly surly, moody, sour or otherwise unpleasant, a.k.a., a bitch... someone you might approach in the same way as a bag of fighting cats.

Best when said in a real Irish accent.
She's like a bag o' cats.
by onthefringe July 30, 2008
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