A word used instead of eating
Person 1: Hey watchadoin???

Person 2: I'm nyuming my hot dog want to have some???

Person 1: Ok...
by cursed2bangel June 10, 2011
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When something ridiculous has been said the word "nyum" can be used to either deny or challenge the previous statement.
"Hey jack you're a shit drinker!"
"Nyum! I am the best"
by Bevlord December 29, 2015
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verb-when you feel that your significant other is highly irresistable and you want to smother them with all your love and affection at that very moment↲noun- when your significant other makes you want to nyum nyum them all the time
i love my nyum nyum.↲i want to nyum nyum you right now.
by gjkirg December 13, 2010
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an annoying noise you use when your hungry and cant be bothered eating
Danni: nyum nyum nyum im hungry but cbf eating
by Dicky™ May 21, 2009
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(Nim) Thy act of secretly capturing an image of thy individual in their RAW environment (without them knowing)
Lube: omg I just nyummed that bitch so hard

Boob: ha ha look at this nyum I got of even

Even: omg please don’t nyum me !
by Joemuummmyyy June 7, 2022
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The wildcard or word. It could mean anything
I’m going u to nyum myself.
by Hugh Mckerrell December 22, 2020
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