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Something crazy like, when a bitch says they eat peanut butter and bologna sandwich with pickle juice with sunflower seeds in it as a drink .
by Dat-nigga-244 March 21, 2019
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When someone is doing something extreme and unnecessary that can also upset others. A.k.a (Trippin)
Darren: Bro why does Caleb have on a G-string?

Dray: I don’t know. He on some NUTSHIT bro get him away from me.
by BlackDynamite00 June 11, 2018
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The act of completely and utterly unleashing one's insanity upon an enemy, most commonly while wielding either a battle axe or a guitar.
"Tim's roommate broke his favorite CD, so he went completely nutshit on him and chopped him to bits with his axe."
by Adam Crow June 27, 2009
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the term nut shit is used when someone is says something so foul, dumb, extra, and unnecessary.
Friend: I just fucked my dog!

You: You're on some nut shit.
by OptiPrisims September 21, 2019
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The shit residue on the back of your nuts from either improper wiping, or from diarrhea that ran across the back of your nuts.
1) Those skid marks are from nut shit.
2) Don't touch my balls, I have nut shit.
by PMad March 07, 2017
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This is a term used to describe something that is really awesome, that makes you go crazy, or "nuts." Tends to be used by "lax brahs" as a synonym for "ill" or "sick."
John: Dude check out this new CD I got! Have you checked it out yet?

Jack: Yeah brah. I listened to that yesterday, it was nut shit man.
by lazypotato April 16, 2011
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