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Nuttin' into a hoe of low caliber.
Guy1: Dude! I saw you leave with that skanky hoe last night! What happened?
Guy2: I took her to my place then we watched Shrek 3 and one thing led to another and I ending up giving her an ounce of the nut in the butt!
Guy3: Word?
by L-Keebsy July 10, 2008
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When you blow your load in some guys asshole!
Brian Smith likes when guys come to his room and nut in the butt
by Anthony April 03, 2005
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The act of Louie nutting in Temo's butt.
Temo loves when Louie pins him on top of the poker table at La Verne Casino for a quick nut in the butt.
by The River Nightmare May 19, 2017
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