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(n): When two or more sexual partners are involved. One partner(male or female) sits on the face of the other partner, and then defecates. They then continue to urinate in their mouth.
Johnny: I was at that party with Lisa last night, and she had us leave to go get a number 2 with cheese.... I wasn't THAT hungry.

Dave: Don't worry man, Jessica gave me a 2 with Cheese last week. The taste goes away after a day or so.
by thepilotboy December 05, 2011

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A word that is a mix of two (Frisbee and Golf). Often used as a verb and other parts of speech in substitution for another word.
"Dude I frolfed that chick last night!"
"Are you frolfing me?"
"Why the frolf would I be frolfing to you?"
by thepilotboy February 02, 2010

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