a hot tall good-looking boy with a huge dick. sweet and down to earth. everyone loves him also.
by heminini September 6, 2011
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Hero's of the Bionicle. Tall, stately, and usally armed to the teeth. Based on six elements and get addtional powers from mask.
Lewa Toa of air, Tahu toa of fire, gali toa of water, Kopaka Toa of ice
by RGS, Not real August 31, 2006
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a name for both female and male
charming, pretty, light hearted, small, and funny
often very wise and good with advice
God damn she's/he's a real Toa !
by derp02145 April 28, 2015
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a person who acts like an complete ass,cunt, etc.
he is a real toa
by zacatron March 3, 2012
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TOAS: Tits On A Stick.

Comes from a thin woman that has large breast either from a breast job or natural.
That is one fine TOAS.

Man I'd love to get with that TOAS.

Ashley is the greatest TOAS ever!
by Alex Whyte December 17, 2004
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Toa often is the name of someone with Polynesian heritage. Most prominently Samoan, Tongan and even Maori with a similar name ‘Koa’ being found in the Hawaiian culture.

‘Toa’ generally refers to the English meaning of “Warrior.”

Toa is strong in character with a high moral code built deep within. The warriors spirit runs passionately through Toa and you can bet he will be passionate at whatever he takes an interest in. Toa is a warm natured person who uses the inner warrior to inspire and lead others. This comes easy for Toa because friends and even strangers instantly feel a strong sense of trust and security from this Warrior.

Toa is generous and kind but don’t let that fool you. The fire within will easily unleash on you should there ever be a loss in trust. Toa will be one of your most powerful and loyal allies so make the most of the relationship while you can. The honorable spirit does not allow Toa to break your trust with petty things such as talking behind your back or selling you out. Toa is not afraid to take responsibility of mistakes or repercussions and will never say anything he is not willing to back up.

Keep an eye on Toa, should he see you as prey, or the enemy, the cunning warrior instincts will destroy you.
The greatest warrior in all the land was Toa.
by Teeoh81 November 22, 2021
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Toa is a sexy man, and can rip any girls vagina in 2.
Toa has a huge cock.
by Toa kanoe July 31, 2021
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