Novelty Ugly Friend.

The friend who is less attractive than his or her friend. Usually employed to appear more attractive by comparison. Tend to be a hassle during chatting-up of girl or guy.
"Dude, I couldnt get near Amy tonight, she had her NUF with her, right bummer!"
by Natasha Barsby December 24, 2007
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1. texting lingo for Not Ur Fault
"I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, I have to go to my uncle's."
"It's okay, nuf."
by fiendly January 02, 2012
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No Underwear Friday. A guy/girl who does not wear underpants on Friday. When it comes weekend and you need a good excuse/reason toa get laid or cruising: No underwear friday is a great way to find someone to get some fun. Just show your NUF and enjoy.
Today is NUF, I just saw a guy wearing NUF, I like men who are NUF, I THink today is a NUF. I'm gonna take a selfie with my NUF. Showing my NUF. I'm going out tonight with my friends in NUF.
by flo cr July 26, 2015
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