the incorrect spelling of noob or newb. Only noobs spell this work as 'nube'
i'm a nube because i looked this up on urban dictionary.
by the nube January 20, 2012
Someone so pittiful and idiotic the they have not even the megar skills to be titled a noob, they are now a nube, derived from the word nub, dervied from stub. Yes they are nothing more than what remains of a dismembered penis.
"Wow, nube, go get pwned..."
by izziemnko September 12, 2005
The "Old English" Word For Noob. Usually meaning someone is unintelligent or lacks common sense. Mainly used in online gaming. Call of Duty has many of these.
Player 1: Wow I'm doing pretty good this match

Nube: Y0u 5UCK!!!! Y0uR G3ttiiNG LuCKy!!!! 0NCE I G3T A G3RN4DE L4UNCH3R your going downtown!

Player 1:...
by GarryLumpkins August 19, 2011
A word used by nerds to get back at kids who don't play video games all the time. Like a reversal of the whole jock vs nerd thing, except old school nerds were smart, present day nerds just play video games.It's really pathetic when you hear someone try to diss someone else on that basis.
Melvin: You're such a nube, I just pwned you!
Joe: Yeah, well at least I have friends.
by Cloudwacher October 20, 2006
someone who is new at something like a game.
He's such a nube!
by Montebon March 1, 2004
A weird ass dude who tweeks now and then; he loves gettin the mail and buyin cell phone accessories. Also known as boobs, nubs, booby tuesday, nubuckle, lil boobauer, RBN, bauer, nuboid nutreno, poker face, noobles, nooby
Nubes is a kid with serious nerves and intensity.
by Nathan February 16, 2004
Someone who is inexerianced or new to a video game.
Comon spellings of this word are: Nube, Newb, Nub and Nubie. Or If your a girl, Nubette
Get knifed you F**king NUBE!
by Jo Mama Party! November 13, 2010