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A nerdy goth, or a gothic nerd. A noth fits in with the other goths, yet exels in school and are as smart as nerds. Nerds shouldn't be cunfused with geeks, dorks, or dweebs.Not geeks, dorks, and dweebs are smart. All nerds and noths are really smart and most are awsome.
Goth: Hey goth, you are smart and wearing all black.
Noth:Thanks. You too.
want to hang out after school?
Noth:Sure. Than I'll do my homework.
Goth: Could you tutor me sometime.
Goth:Noth is the goth to be.
by Nerd2O November 18, 2009
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N*gga of the North - refers to the East Indian Population in British Columbia (Canada) who are being racially profiled by the police.

It is the unfair treatment of brown people in Canada.
Dude, its because we're the Noth.
by NOTH001 February 17, 2009
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A nerdy Goth. They fail to fit into the catagory of Goth as they are seen as too geeky, and vice-versa.
Goth: No you cant hang out with us, your too nerdy
Nerd: Um...Please dont hurt us.
by Fosh November 25, 2004
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A nerd goth. Common mistaken for a Geth, they are closely related. It's when your a goth and your smart and the teachers think of you like a pet. Treating you different baecause your goth. Not realizing that because your goth doesn't mean your not smart. The teacher doing this is usually an asshole.
My friend is goth and in 7th grade she was in gifted.She is a Noth. Her Language Arts teacher treated her like a pet. But then had the nerve to call her disturbed when after the teacher gave us an assignment saying how you would want to be killed,she said she would want to kill Bush and go down in a rain of bullets from the Secret Service. And how she'd hack in to the governments system and set of two nuclear bombs. The teacher called her sick and disturbed, and thought she'd bring a gun to school and shot everbody. The teacher was a real bitch.
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Someone who, try as they may, is simply not goth.
Look at all the noths going into Hot Topic.
by alice November 07, 2003
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