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As a native New Yorker, it pains me to see that none of the other definitions seems to actually grasp what not for nothing means.

"Not for nothing" is used to soften the blow of something that would normally be offensive or come on too strong.

For example, if your friend showed up wearing purple and yellow striped pants to a party and asked you how he looked, you could respond, "well, not for nothing, Jimmy, but you look like a gay, retarded zebra." Or if you want to try out for a musical but you can't sing to save your life, your friend might tell you, "hey, not for nothing, but you suck at singing and you're not gonna get that part." Things of that nature.
Not for nothing, but the other guys who defined "not for nothing" are a bunch of schmucks.
by HowYouDoinnn December 10, 2009

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Little Neck is a middle-class community in Eastern Queens, comprised mostly of single-family homes. Little Neck has a lot going for it, including:

-Some of the best public and Catholic education in NYC
-Generally a safe neighborhood (provided you don't do anything stupid that deserves an ass-kicking).
-LIRR will take you to the City in about 40 minutes (and only 30 minutes to CitiField.)
-Northern Blvd. has great small restaurants and tchotchka shops, and nearby Douglaston Plaza is basically a mall.
-Home to the largest Memorial Day parade in the country, which is frequented by mayors and congressmen alike.

In short, a pretty nice place to live, drink, and die.
Tim: I'm from Little Neck.
Nick: So are your parents from Brooklyn or Korea?
by HowYouDoinnn November 30, 2009

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Blue punch. No defined recipe, but usually includes things along the lines of UV Blue, Capt. Morgan Blue Hurricane, Blue Hawaiian punch, Blue Kool-Aid, etc. Mixed together and served preferably chilled.
Dude, that blunch had me puking blue last night.
by HowYouDoinnn December 11, 2009

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