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A person, other than yourself, who likes what you like and wants what you want. Not-yous frequently attend the same open houses as you, jockey for the same job or promotion as you, crush on the same person as you, and even dress like you.
Woman: "Oh my God, I love this house. Do you think I'll get it?"
Man: "Maybe. A 3-bed, 2-bath with a walk-in closet and a bidet in a good school district is going to be pretty popular. Let's hope you found it before not-you could.
by a not-you March 13, 2017
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either the most humiliating, or most relieving two words in the human language.
Girl: "There's this really cute guy i like in my third hour class."
Guy **looks hopeful**
Girl: "Not you."

Girl **looks hurt**
Guy: "Not you."
by Sierrapants April 02, 2008
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