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A holiday for all non-fathers around the world to celebrate being not a father. To celebrate that moment of happiness when your one-night stand says, "I'm not pregnant!"
First Lady: I'm not pregnant!
President: YES, I declare today NOT A FATHER'S DAY! Hooray!!!
by Blackflame619 January 13, 2009
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Not A Father's Day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of an often forgotten segment of our country's population: the not fathers. These brave men have chosen to remain childless, despite an avalanche of pressure, expectations, and condemnation, propagated by the Saturday morning cartoon loving elite, the Minivan Clan, and Maury Povich.
Guy #1: Happy "Not A Father's Day", the only thing I'll be nursing at any given 2 AM, is a Scotch!

Guy #2: Amen to that!
by arcadiageorge June 16, 2014
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