A disclaimer used when sharing a news article, announcing that the content is absurd, but real. It references the satirical news outlet The Onion.
Joe: Not The Onion- Republicans are proposing a law to implement criminal charges on women who have miscarriages.
by Scotialist August 9, 2011
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The act of mistaking an article written by the satirical newspaper "The Onion" for a genuine article. Usually demonstrating a persons lack of critical thinking skills.
Chinese government run newspaper was onioned in 2002, when they reported that "Congress Threatens To Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol Is Built".
by Brilliant mind October 28, 2010
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"America's Finest News Source." A satirical that makes fun of American politics and pop culture.
This article by The Onion is hilarious!
by Jon January 1, 2004
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when a guy is dancing behind an unknown girl , for example in a crowded disco or pub , and He is trying to put his pelvis as close,of the girl's bottom as, he can, following the rhythm of music while He is faking to dance.
Girl: She was onioning so hard on my ass last night! I thought it was gonna go numb!!
by SpanishUrbanBoy September 19, 2016
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"takin' orders is sunnin, an ounce of coke is an onion" R.I.P. BIG-L
by rasta-gangsta March 4, 2003
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1)an ounce of drugs :cocaine...weed...
2)a really phat ass on a chick that will make u cry if she ever let u hence "onion"
1)Ray Ray got knocked (busted arrested) w/ 2 onions.
2)Damn she got an onion booty!"
by Palmz aka Sir Octopus April 13, 2003
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an ingenius term popularized by men's ncaa basketball commentator bill raftery; used only at times when an indelible impression is left on the audience by a performer.

most notably, 'onions' was used to describe the incredible string of game-winning shots hit by syracuse guard gerry mcnamara.
'down to three seconds. . mcnamara with the runner at the buzzer. . . . . onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
by jsny March 21, 2006
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