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A nose fetish is having an extreme liking for noses, either mearly their appearance or the feel of them as well. Both girls and guys can find different shapes of noses particularly apealing.
~ Nose Fetish in action ~

Craig: "What's your favorite thing about ME, then?

Figure.10: *thinks* "Uh...your nose."

Craig: "...WHAT??!?"
by Figure.10 May 28, 2009
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A known fetish where the guy loves to play with his woman's nose and the girl usually finds out she loves it! Usually a session of feeling her nose, massaging it, pinching it and ultimately, sucking on her nose.
Johnny: You have the sexiest nose Laura!

Laura: mmmmmmm I love when you feel my nose like that!

Johnny: mmmmmmmmm its so thick and the bulb is so soft!

Laura: I think my nose was made this way for you to suck on!

Johnny: I think everyone wants to suck on Laura's nose. Imagine if they knew how many times you've had your nose sucked!~!

If you meet Laura, try sucking her nose!! Indulge her nose fetish
by Nose Slave July 14, 2008
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A person who gets sexually aroused at the sight of an opposite gender's nose for its uniqueness and gets the urge to touch it.
My male friend, who has a nose fetish for women with big noses, got a hard-on when he saw a woman with a big nose and he confided in me that he wanted to touch her nose.
by Orange County California February 01, 2015
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a person that absolutely loves noses; someone that likes to make out with their partners nose; my boyfriend
*alex kissing on kats nose for over 10 seconds*
kat: 'i c u hav a nose fetish'
alex: 'ya... i gess ur rite'
kat: 'thts kinda rare'
alex: 'i guess so. am i the 1st peson u've met w/ that?'
kat: 'ya'
by kittykat69 November 29, 2007
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When you find me sucking the snot out of your nose, you will know I have a nose fetish.
Dude, Marc couldn't stop sucking on my nose!

Omg Lindah, Marc was eyeing my nose all day yesterday! Does that idiot have a nose fetish?
by Meccanica November 08, 2008
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