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A city in Fairfield County, as i'm sure many people know. It borders Westport, New Canaan and Darien. Now, i know what you all are thinking: Norwalk is just flat out poor and people are afraid of it (god knows why?) sure, it's more DIVERSE than it's bordering towns, and it's not as wealthy either, but that doesn't make it a "dump." it has its fair share of problems, but it's also a very nice place in a lot of ways.. you just have to look past the stereotypes and give it a chance. norwalk is divided into four main parts: south norwalk, east norwalk, west norwalk, and just norwalk (which is basically north norwalk or cranbury) sono has cleaned up a whole lot over the years and is actually a pretty nice place.. it's good for shopping and eating especially. east norwalk is by the water obviously, and has two country clubs: shorehaven and shore and country. now i belong to shorehaven, and in a lot of ways i love going there all the time, but it really has shown me how lucky i am to live in norwalk. most of the people here are really down to earth and don't care about physical appearance, which i like. anyway, i'm not too familiar with west norwalk to be honest, and the northern part is pretty much the same as the rest of it. overall, i'm not writing this to diss the bordering towns of norwalk, don't get me wrong. they're great in their own ways. all i'm saying is that you should give norwalk a chance. believe it or not, there's more to it than meets the eye.
norwalk isn't as bad as you think.
by BLWV3997 February 13, 2009
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1. Standing up friends after you have assured them that you would attend an event.

2. Backing out of an event or trip that one has previously agreed to. Especially if one's friends have already committed time, resources, or money to said trip which they can never recoup.

3. Chronic avoidance of events that occur more than 10 miles from where the offender is domiciled, primarily because he/she prefer to get wasted at his/her own home to avoid having to drive and he/she lacks the responsibility to designate a sober driver or to remain sober him/herself.
1. The Fredmans promised they would come to our housewarming party, but it appears that we have been Norwalked since they never showed.

2. I know we promised to go to Japan with the Ballers, but it looks like we're going to Norwalk them since we've decided not to go.
by Tain't Workin' July 06, 2012
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Person 1: So how's Norwalk?
Person 2: Kind of small, but not as slow as most think.
by Skelwor February 01, 2009
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when people come to norwalk they only
define east nowalk as rich . all the
other parts to them and to some norwalkers
are ghetto. but there are other very wealthy parts of norwalk, not just eastnorwalk. but the sono apartments in
south norwalk are really expensive & gorgeous ! its like the soho of norwalk. south norwalk is historical, beautiful,
and is home to very expensive resturaunts
and shopping stores ! although there are some gehtto parts of south for west norwalk they have million dollar homes locked away in the woods. another thing
people assume is that all the black people
are poor & ghetto. which really annoys me
because im black , i live in east norwalk, and have been to shore and country club !
i live in a neighborhood when my neighbors
have a mercedes. im not stuck up or snobby. and im certainly not preppy just because i go to shore and country club. im showing ignorant people that there are upper middle class black people doing just fine in an equally wealthy norwalk. no other city in fairfield county is any better than norwalk. and im defending norwalk as a whole. yeah it is a wealthy town, it has its ghettos but then again there could be
a mansion up the street. norwalk is great, diverse town. youll never meet people like this as in say westport or new canaan.
out of towner: where are you from
connecticun: connecticut
out of towner: ohh so your rich , where from
fairfield county .
connecticun: yeahh; im from norwalk.
out of towner: thats not as wealthy as westport or somthing.
out of towner: trust me it is .
by em (: August 22, 2008
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I've always looked at it as being boring, living here all of my life, but it is alright. It isn't very dangerous, quite safe in most suburban residential areas. Some areas, though, have rising crime rates.

Contrary to popular belief, Norwalk is an extremely diverse town. One side of Norwalk could be completely different from the other side. Norwalk is NOT a ghetto, although certain parts of South Norwalk can be counted as a ghetto. Some of South Norwalk can be extremely culturally diverse and interesting.

East Norwalk is what you would think as a suburban part of Norwalk. It contains many suburban homes and schools convieniently located around the middle of the residential area.

Yes, there are traditional "preps" in Norwalk, but most of them are nouveau riche preps who go to country clubs such as Shore and Country and Shorehaven. Also, there are the various cliques.
Person from West Coast: Oh, I hear Norwalk's a ghetto.
Norwalkian: WHAT?!
by C.C. November 02, 2005
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Norwalk CT is a great city with a lot to offer. It’s certainly not another cookie cutter Stepford wife town, although it was partial filmed in Norwalk. Norwalk seems to have a new young hippy / Hollywood vibe going on, if you can imagine that. In the past few months I have seen Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Deniro, Hillary Swank, Robin Williams, John Travolta and more filming movies Norwalk.

Norwalk is moving in a green earth friendly city. I have noticed a lot of young couples moving into the area that bring canvas bags to the grocery stores, for example. It has adorable boutiques in the SoNo area, the best restaurants around and a few art galleries and design store have sprung up.

The Wall Street areas is starting to be redeveloped in spring of 08 and in those plans are some high end residential condos, retail shop, restaurants and open garden space. This area already has some great shops, restaurants and art galleries but a face lift is underway.

I would say Norwalk is a great place to live and a great investment if you are looking for a place that is convienatly located to Shops, restaurants, and NYC.

Norwalk CT seems to have a new young hippy / Hollywood vibe going on.
by Norwalk November 21, 2007
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Culturally diverse town on coast of the Long Island Sound. There are plenty of sights to see including conspicuously painted stars located around the town. We also have a Stew Leonards that everyone used to love until they took away the candy bins and pre-packaged everything so you can't steal candy anymore. Lo and behold, if you skip 7th period and go mid afternoon, they have samples of orange juice, quality cheeses, and fresh produce. Refer to my other definition, Norwack, to see an alternate idea. Avoid the Andrews Field parking lot on the weekends because it is usually a hot spot for gang shoot outs, garbage dumping, drug dealing, and prolonged periods of band practice.

Also home to one of the worlds biggest (laugh) festivals, the Oyster Festival. The Oyster Festival is a fantastic experience. Allow me to facilitate your decision about attending. Whilst there, you can experience a variety of things,
1) The traditional gang fights resulting in police involvement and flinging of racial slurrs
2) Food poisoning was common in the people who ate chicken quesadillas at the Oyster Festival.
3) "Look at that faggot skydiver with his lame pink parachute."
4) "God damn it, the stupid shuttle bus is crowded."
5) "Hey, lets go into the art tent where we can buy absolute shit for a substantial amount of money."
6) "Are you kidding me, the fucking bumper cars are 3 tickets this year with tickets being $6.00 each? If we find the Z Score of the amount of energy consumed we find that these bastards are making a 540% profit on each customer."
7) "Whose going to buy 6 god damn Sobes to get a free T-shirt"
8) "Dude I saw Shawnton sporting a SIG P245 and a Code 3 Crosslock fold out behind the fun house."
Andrew's Field parking lot was fixated with proximity mines in order to decrease the number of gang members.
DaCuanda - Was you at the Oyster Festival?
Tyrese - Yea that busta with the parachute got stuck in the tree

Max - We have to get back to the shuttle bus so I can open my car at Calf Pasture
Tony - What's in there?
Max - I left my M1903-A4 there.
Tony - What do you need a Springfield for?
Max - The gang shootout in 15 minutes, duh.

"Bathrooms at Calf Pasture in Norwalk are scarce, so I shit on the dock while a majority of the community overfished the waters.
by Mike Conte February 20, 2006
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