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Northport is known as a snobby/preppy town, with nautical themed stores, restaurants, & cafes as it could be described as an upscale sea town. Most families are younger with younger children, going back & fourth in their Range Rovers taking the kids to soccer practice with a boat hitched. A few yacht clubs are in town as well as upscale dining & shopping & a very good/well known public school system. Northport High School is a very good school with quality education & standards. It is known to be one of the best schools in the area with the top art program in the state & one of the top schools in the nation. That includes all types of art at the college level, as well as theatre, & the music program. The marching band does a show every year competing with all other marching bands on L.I. & Npt has won so many times consecutively, there is no competition anymore, its just a show with Npt last as the grand finale. Athletic wise, girls lax is one of the top teams in the nation with the coach who also started a very famous travel lax team, the Yellow Jackets. Girls on the team go to the national team & play in IVY league/top D1 teams such as Yale, Princeton, & Florida St.. The girls soccer team is also good, as well as track/cross country, & more recently, field hockey. NCU & Northwestern have track girls & more D1 and D2 like Siena & Slippery Rock have taken field hockey girls. Even our basketball team has a girl at Delaware. For the boys, the track & cx are also a hit with D1.
Northport is a very lovely town on the north shore of Long Island, NY and shares the wealth of the Gold Coast in Suffolk County.
by nptfam November 29, 2012
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A town in Florida with 75% seniors. The kids think they're hardcore as shit. Maily populated with Blacks, Wannabe Hardcore Scene Kids, & Toothless Rednecks. May occasionally see a naked midget running through town.
Atleast it's not as lame as North Port!
by T.M.F.T November 02, 2009
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There is alot more to this little town, if you live here you know alot of it. Northport high school, or better known as north'pot' high school is a pertty unique high school with the best art program in ny state, and the "commons." Beautiful harbor and village, still has trolley cart tracks on main street. A million lil dinners and sea worthy resteraunts. People either love it and move back there to raise a family or hate it and wish to burn it to the ground. Stickers on street signs and pot holes galore! go get a half and half with a lmberjack and then u can call urself a northporter...but u have to write on the big foam cup if u want to think ur cool. and anyone who thinks e-npt is better than npt prbably lives in enpt and is jealous. Over priced houses and underpaid teachers. Its great in the summer time if u have a boat. No matter how many people say they hate living in a small town or that its boring id bet money that over half of them deep down probably likes it.
The marching band won the hofstra band competition every year for like 10 years so they changed it to just a band "show" cuz the other schools are mad that northport marching band is awesome.
by iloveirenemcglaughlin October 31, 2005
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the greatest place on long island. also refered to as Nopo or Port.
i went down to nopo to pick up a milf, and came back with a lumberjack
by 2fly2walk May 08, 2005
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A town on the north shore of long island. Home to a lovely park, dock, high school, and a lot of inherently racist white people who often band together to stop any possible encroachment by minority families. The high school is somewhat, but not overwhelmingly comprised of very small tiny boys with shaved heads dressed as street gang members (despite having parents who are private practioners or CPAs and beautiful homes), alternative rock listeners who wear fuzzy old flannel shirts, band/orchestra members who make everyone angry, and a plethora of other students all of whom don't trust eachother since the town itself was built on mistrust, prejudice and greed. Many large, large houses, many of which are on the water, can be seen throughout town as well as a large number of PTA moms (milfs aplenty) who hang out with other PTA moms and act obnoxious or cruel to other PTA moms and use their daughters in high school to spite the daughters of the moms that they don't like.

Also home to the amazing Northport deli.
Wow, Northport is such an incredibly nice and safe place to live... and yet, Northport is a glaring example of exactly what's wrong with the world we live in.
by Psh April 02, 2005
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A drug infested town on long island, NY full of a bunch of fake rich snobs, drug addicts and nerds. Wack place to live, a few real people and the people who are real arent popular. The girls are hott but there snobby and the drugs are good. Nothing to do out here but drugs and getting into fights.
if u dont mind snobs who wear polos and u like to do drugs then come to northport
by PolandSpringNirrgahz October 10, 2009
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