I have lived here forever with the exception of D.C. Pretty cool place to live if your not in the extremely rich make you feel broke areas like Ashburn, Countryside, Cascades, Chantilly, these areas are packed with rich kids that will piss you off as is the same with Tyson’s Corner. Loudoun County period is by far the worst. But everything past that is pretty cool. Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington, Baileys Crossroads, and Skyline ect ect. Are pretty cool places if you’re not in the Ghetto Immigrant populated areas like Culmore and parts of West Falls Church and lomans plaza falls church . There is allot of Gang bullshit here but it’s mainly 18thst and MS13 Bullshit. There are allot of GD'S as well. But the gang shit isn’t really anything to worry about in my opinion ive lived here my whole life and only gotten stabbed once. Yes there are fine women its just too bad the good looking ones live in Ashburn and are rich and will piss you off. Personally I like D.C. and Baltimore a lot more. But its home here to me. Plus there is ALOT of good ass weed here especially in the rich areas.
I live in Northern Virginia

Im on a computer here in Northern Virginia
by nshawn85 April 19, 2008
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Northern Virgina: a place where most new-money-yankees gather to ruin the image and gentile traditions of Virginia. Most of these people are cocky, from the north, where gel, and live in new surbanite-developments with little class or culture. Fairfax county wishes it had the old virginia estates and homes of the West End of Richmond points: (1) The elitist of Southern Virginia are well-bred, more classy, have just as much money, and love their state more than NOVANS. For the most part, Northern Virginia is disgracing the rich traditions of Virginia, even if it does have lots of money it has no class. In addition, is very wealthy city Richmond. In conclusion, Northern Virginia belongs with the state of Maryland for two reasons: (1) It's people and ideals are not Viriginian, per say. (2) Lots of these people are not native Virginians, instead; they are outsiders who become cocky by making money in Washington D.C. So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class. Long-live Richmond and the tidewater for her valor, glory, history, and honor.
Gel Head from NOVA: Hey, youuz guyz, my dad just made a million off some high tech invention.
Gel Head # 2 from NOVA: Thats sweet maybe we can go put that money into your new HONDA CIVIC rolling on shitty ass rims.
by Ed November 14, 2004
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Location - Northern Virgina is jagged circular area that is bordered by Potomac, Maryland and DC..OH and of course..Regular.. Virginia. Where the "Mid-Atlantic"(People who can't except the fact that they live in the south and would like to be called middle) ends. Nothern Virgina's "border" ends in Stafford County, Virginia. Which beside Spotsy, Virginia which is nicknamed "Back in the Bushes".

People - Scum of the earth to "regular" Virginia and consider Virginia to be a redneck filled confederate flag waving hick state. They refuse to be apart of Virginia and the South since most of the inhabitants are rich northern migrants who came to exploit cheap land and labor in the 70s and have spawned Nova yuppies ever since. The public schools look more like private schools. They refuse to acknowledge the fact they are below the mason-dixon line and that the area has a rich confederate history also they consider themselves superior to any and everyone.Don't bother debating anything with them, they think have an answer to everything.
They do not consider themselves to be apart of Virginia at all and you'll hear them refer to themselves as the 51st state which we proud Virginians wish would happen.
Don't expect to see the 1861 Virginia Flag on any house in Northern Virginia.
Virginan - Look ya'll give us some of southern maryland and you can stick Northern Virginia up your ass. *Virginia crowd cheers*

Marylander - Eeeaaah I guess that's a good trade, southern maryland has nothing in common with us and northern Virgina has nothing in common with you all so let's do it.

Northern Virginians - YIPPIE! *nerd cheers* WE ARE FINALLY APART OF MARYLAND!
by Richardddd May 22, 2006
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Totally different from southern VA... Full of fake people who all only care about money. Teens are in cliques all they do is drink, smoke pot, do crack, have sex with one another sober and not. They think there life sucks when in reality it really doesn't. They just don't have goals and everything is given to them. Home of fake tans all year round. And don't really let newcomers in the cliques. I would know, i've lived here for a total of 9 yrs. (I lived other places this is by far the worst) Chicago(5yrs) was pretty good... Tennessee(3yrs) was pretty good to. But geez here it sucks.
northern virginia is filled with super rich parents who give there kids whatever they want when they want it. Also filled with teens who do whatever they want whenever they want.
by Cali is loveeee March 25, 2008
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a place people love to hate on apparently LOL

a place that is actually pretty awesome..soooo everyone writing all those LONG hateful definitions should get a liiiiife
"I'm from northern virginia, & people...hate me for it?? Eff you, I love this place!"
by clevereyecandy April 01, 2008
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The area of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with about 3 million people or so next to Washington DC, that should to do the rest of Virginia a favor and seceed to Maryland. It's an urban hell on earth and the epitome of urban sprawl gone ammock. Unlike the rest of Virginia, it is generally liberal, highly diverse, highly urbanized, a ridiculous cost of living, has ungodly traffic congestion, too much urban sprawl, a highly skilled and young workforce, and too many arrogant yuppies who live close to DC. The most jobs are in the Federal Government, high-tech firms, healthcare, law, and communications. Asians and Hispanics live everywhere. As much as Northern Virginia sucks, the best places to live are in Centerville, Chantilly and Leesburg. The people are very materialistic, fake, shallow, stuck up and think the country revolves around them. There is a megamall called Tyson’s Corner near the 495 Beltway that only rich people are allowed to patronize, and the regular middle-class ilk are mocked. The people are up in the clouds and often forget they are SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon line and part of the old Confederacy. It is northern Virginia that gives the state a bad name.
Northern Virginia should do the rest of the Commonwealth a favor and become Maryland. I lived there for a year about 3 years ago and hated everything about it.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 27, 2008
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A region adjacent to Virginia close to Washington, DC. Residents are extremely diverse socioeconomically. Cultural resources are generally more accessible closer to Washington, in Arlington and the City of Alexandria. Areas further away, such as Loudon, consist mainly of suburban subdivisions. Residents generally do not consider themselves from the South, and will never say they are from Virginia.
I'm not from Virginia, I'm from Northern Virginia.
by Arlingtonian November 28, 2004
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