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Northern Virginia has some of the nations worst traffic jams. The area of Northern Virginia now legally extends from D.C. South to Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The only reason Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties are considered part of Northern Virginia is because of the vast commuters to D.C. (Stafford is not any better than Spotsylvania what so ever, in fact Stafford has less population then Spotsylvania. Stafford - 138,000 ; Spotsylvania 145,000) Anyways, There are over 2 million residents in the Northern Virginia region. There are many cultures and languages and also a decent music scene.
I live in Northern Virginia.

I'm moving to Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia has thirty mile back ups.

Yes, Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties are now technically in Northern Virginia as of mid 2007. If you have a problem with it, move away.
by glamourcide November 28, 2007

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Spotsy is short for Spotsylvania County, Virginia
I didn't feel like saying Spotsylvania, so i said Spotsy.
by glamourcide June 13, 2008

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A county in what is now considered Northern Virginia for the vast population commuting to the District of Columbia. Often associated with the city of Fredericksburg. A lot of developement and people moving to the area. With that, a lot of the rednecks are dieng out. Thank God O.O . Many cool things to come to the area in a few years such as Kalahari Water Park & Hotel (indoor) and Worldstreet (huge shopping "mall" with stores from all over the world). So Fredericksburg isn't that bad... i mean, if you don't like developement then you should move. Fredericksburg is going to be hit hard soon.
I live in Spotsylvania County.

We commute from Spotsylvania County.

We're moving to Spotsylvania County.
by glamourcide November 28, 2007

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Currently, a popular trend or stereotype.
Majorly based on teenaged lifestyle and to be "SCENE" you must conform to the following things:-

- With usually a tweaked default layout
- Having graphics such as diamonds, Gloomy Bear or guns in your About Me section
- Having over a thousand MySpace friends
- Being part of all the elite perfection groups. (Eg. Perfection Dolls)
- Having dozens of majorly photoshoped photos of yourself
- Your MySpace display name consisting of your amount of friends, perfection groups and some lame "Scene name". Eg- Chris Chaos {VIP/PD/AP} {10.5k+}

- MUST have "mullet" like or "choppy" hair with either a block or side fringe and having random fluro colours in your hair, with extensions. Hair must have LOTS of volume and create a BIG effect.
- Usually hair is accessoried with a million hair clips, bows or headbands worn around the middle section of your forehead
- Wears bright neon eyeshadow with fake eyelashes and an over load of blush. Or outlines eyes with eyeliner to give an "Asian eyed" look.
- Wears skinny leg jeans in either black or bright colours with 2+ studded belts or suspenders. Also must have childish bags with either vintage or band t-shirts and an overdose of jewellery. Wears either converse, vans or flats.
- Usually has a septum or monroe piercing.

- Hair is usually "emo like" but choppy. Can be spiked up or worn down. Usually top of male's hair is spiked. Multiple colours for guys are optional.
- Bandanas are usually worn around the head, wrist and placed in their pocket.
- Usually has snakebites.
- Males too, wear tight jeans (Usually black in colour) with a studded blet. Band t-shirts are a must, same with either vans or converse.
- Ears are usually stretched.
- "Gangsta" hats worn with "Gangsta" hoodies are a must wear too.

- Any metal band. Drop Dead, Gorgeous or The Devil Wears Prada are common favoured metal bands. "Scene Kids" are always craving music.
- Guns, Gloomy Bear, Hello Kitty, Diamonds, Knucklebusters, Blood, Grunge are examples of what a typical Scene Kid's interests are. These things usually appear in Scene Kid's photos and are placed everywhere on their MySpace page.
- Must own a Sidekick
- Celebrities such as Audrey Kitching and Jeffree Star are examples of celebrities that Scene Kids truly admire. Comments are usually posted on these celebrities' MySpace pages sayings things such as - "OMG, I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE MY HERO! REPLY BACK!""

..And I think you get the point.
Scene Kids aren't that complicated as they all seem to copy one off another yet what amuses me is they all claim to be "original", yet they clearly are not.
Examples of Scenesters:
Audrey Kitching, Jeffree Star, Lauren Watts, Geoffrey Paris, Hannah Beth, Gregory Von James, Izzy Hilton, DaniiGore, Kiki Kannibal, Dakota Rose... blah blah blah.
by Glamourcide November 23, 2007

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