A Stafford is fine asl and can be annoying sometimes but always has your side. A stafford is loving,caring and sometimes mean but at the end of the day u will always be nice and if he does something wrong I will Realize it and say sorry. A stafford has amazing hair and make bad jokes sometimes but they can also be funny. A Stafford has equal girl besfreinds and boy best friend. A Stafford is very charming and tall. Stafford are good at every sport and and when u have a problem a he is always by your side
Look that kid is very charming and cute I herd his name is Stafford
by Nick Malone March 4, 2020
When a girl is giving a guy head under the covers. The guy farts and holds her under there. A dutch oven, with a twist.
Last night I was giving him oral when he yelled STAFFORD....I didn't know what I was in for.
by la verga November 1, 2011
That dude's mouth smelled like a Stafford.
by Steve Blax September 21, 2007
Stafforditis: noun, pronunciation (staff-urd-ite-iss), Massive disease spreading around Stafford County, Virginia. The condition of boredom recieved by living in Stafford for more than a year. It emmits thoughts through ones mind that produces a strong effect of boredom, and may cause one to think that they are "hood", "prep", "punk", "ghetto", "skater", "emo", and in rare cases, all of the above. Although stafford is the gayest place on the planet, it causes one to appreciate Stafford, even with the feeling of boredom involved. There is no cure for Stafforditis, and if one comes down with this condition, they shall become a fag for the rest of their life, no matter if they move to the streets of Compton, the suburbs of Orange County, the backwater boondocks of Berlington, or even the neighboring urban street of Woodbridge. People with stafforditis also are known to have a higher possibility of contracting the "clap" or syphilis

Ex. 1

Some guy "hey wanna go out to the club with me"

Some girl "no, thank you. i can't on the account that i have stafforditis and i'm wack. i think that clubs are insufficient and are very dangerous. i'd rather sit at home and do nothing and be bored."

Ex. 2

some kid "hey, lets make a basket ball court in Austin Ridge"

HOA of Austin Ridge "No, i can't, on the account of i have stafforditis. creating a courtplace or any other social gathering of that matter in Austin Ridge or the whole county of stafford will promote violence."

Origin - The fags that created Stafford County
by Yung Major March 4, 2007
A euphemism for an extremely large and impressive penis or a person who has an impressive package.
john: "Why is she dating him?"
tim: "haven't you heard? He's got a huge stafford."


Tim: My sister told me you two had a good date last night.
John: Yeah but she called me stafford in the morning.


John: I think I pulled my stafford last night
Tim: Sounds like you and the lady need to have a talk
by John Krills March 14, 2008
Stafford County is a place that is in close proximity to Quantico Marine base and just about an hour south of Washington D.C. As legend has it Stafford County is believed to be a black hole. No attractions at all just a movie theater...Oh wait there’s not even one of those. Stafford is also notorious for clearing land for CVS’s, Walmarts, and places with overpriced rent or mortgage payments. I mean what do you pay for to live there? Good luck traveling out of Stafford because traffic will have you by the balls and when you decide to stay in Stafford, Quantico bomb testing will send the slightest shake to your home every other morning. Stafford County is so boring that this “slight shake” is considered very entertaining. God save your Stafford teens souls because boredom will be inevitable. Parents prepare to fork out some cash to get your houses power washed and cars detailed because depending on how much of an asshole your child is in school these assets will have egg, syrup, bologna, pee or even shit on it. Stafford County teenagers become Picasso with their creativity when they are so fucking bored. Overall, Stafford will suck out whatever life you have in you as it does most of its residents. When you go off to college most people you meet would have never even heard of Stafford County, which says a lot about it. On the bright side Stafford can be a good quiet place to retire or go to the neighborhood gas station called wawa. Otherwise this Stafford is truly a lost cause.
“Do you guys want to play hide-n-go seek in Walmart?” Dude of course I love all the hiding spots in the Stafford County Walmart."

Woahhh was that just a small earthquake?” No dude you just live in Stafford County?”

“Ohhhh no I left my car out all night and now theres shit on my hood. “ Welcome to Stafford County asshole.”

“Woahhh dude are marching bands always in parades?” “Ohhh you must be from Stafford County.”

“Want to go see a movie or go bowling tonight at 7:00?” “How can we do that we live in Stafford County.”
by Its Stephanie Bitch 21 July 30, 2018
de Stafford is a shit hole in Caterham full of dickheads. this shit hole could also be referred to as a school.
she comes from de stafford - what a shit hole
by luulaalii January 15, 2012