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The one place on earth that is scarier even during the day than Detroit is at night.
Your chances of survival are far better in Detroit at night than they are in North Korea in broad daylight.
by Doki Doki Attack! November 30, 2009

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A high school dance which is often viewed as a defining moment in people's lives. Unfortunately for the prom king and queen, the actual defining moment is usually the reverse of what really happens.
At my high school, the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader were prom king and queen. Ten years later, the prom queen now weighs 300 pounds, has ten kids and is on welfare, the prom king is a delivery driver for Home Depot, and the guy he used to stuff in the locker, who didn't even go to prom, made a million bucks off some MMORPG he concocted right out of high school, lives in Beverly Hills and is banging a starlet.
by Doki Doki Attack! October 19, 2009

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Canadian-born actress who is approximately 20 years younger, 20 times more popular, and has approximately 1/20th the IQ of Pamela Reed (Ahnold's partner in "Kindergarten Cop").
The main difference between Pamela Anderson and Pamela Reed is that Canadians actually like Pamela Reed.
by Doki Doki Attack! October 27, 2009

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A person who will never be as talented as Britt Irvin (Canadian TV actress) no matter how hard she tries or how much more money she has.
There are three big differences between Britney Spears and Brittney Irvin (better known as Britt these days) - Spears has one less T in her first name, a lot more money, and a lot less talent.
by Doki Doki Attack! October 07, 2009

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(1) In England, what a person calls a cigarette

(2) In the USA, what a bigoted or homophobic person usually calls a homosexual.
A person in London who says he wishes to "smoke a fag" probably just wants a cigarette. A person who says this in Chicago should probably be reported to the police.
by Doki Doki Attack! November 30, 2009

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