A Country So Evil That Everything There (People, Film, Clothes, Thoughts) Is Completely Black & White
Think About It People, The Most Evil Things Come From North Korea, Just Think

Instant Death Figure Skating Moves (The Iron Lotus)
Kim Jong-Il
Bad Fashion Sense
The Flying Monkeys From The Wizard Of Oz

Coincidence? I Think Not
by A Stalker You Know.....Yea.... September 03, 2008
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Bush: OMFG Donald, Just look at North Korea! They are ruled by a vicious tyrant who murders opposition members and locks up their families! They've got a powerful army that might invade Southern Korea any day now! And they've developed nukes and missiles which cover U.S. soil!

Rumsfeld: That sure is scary George. Now let's go beat up Iraq.

Bush: Right behind ya ;)
by Alfonzo el Magnificent May 25, 2007
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A miniscule, useless chunk of land control by the fat, autistic, pig-boy from the disney movie, UP. It consist of no food, ghoulish slave-people and piggy MCgee from UP.
By the time donald trump is finished with North Korea, there will be a giant lake between china and south korea which will be used as trump's private yacht club.
by GoodOldNO_NAME August 25, 2017
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a bomb filled land with dirty pieces of shit (KIM JUNG UN)

it is a land that has a leader that

1. Looks like a dick head
2. fires missiles
3. f**** his mum
4. and scares little kids with his ugly motherf****** disgusting pig looking as face
"OH NO North Korea has bombed us" a white man yelled (while the USA i being bombed)
by YEETDEKING June 18, 2018
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a third world hellhole with living standards, poverty rates, and human rights abuses worse than even the poorest African and middle eastern nations. Their leader Kim Jong-Un lives in luxury while his people starve to death, and an estamiated 18-20 million out of a total population of 25 million living in extreme poverty.
Person one: do you know about North Korea?

Person two: It's a hellhole and Kim Jong Un tortures his own people
by SECfootball7 November 13, 2017
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Gay Useless country with no lights or running water that relies on 18th century technology for basic lighting. Their leader is so fucking clouded by his ginormous bouffant that the hairs at his hairline are literally pulling at his brain thus causing gookefying trauma. It also doesnt help that his eyes are slanted at 90 degree angles distorting his clarity. There is no real reason to gear North Korea or North GOOKDOM because any attack they would launch (regardless of what country is targeted) would only lead to their total annihilation. Has no real economy and is totally useless. Once the kimchied landmass is finally decimated, it would be better served by building Asia's largest multiplex theatre / shopping mall.
Welcome to North Korea. I CHINK I GOT GOOK IN MY EYE.
by Deslantifier July 06, 2006
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