Hey bro, last weekend I was on a roadshow! L.A., Phoenix, Vegas, I got around!
by MarkOB February 6, 2010
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When an elderly woman stands on the side of the road and flashes her tits at the cars driving by.
Trucker: Breaker 19, breaker 19, there’s an antiques roadshow at mile marker 35 on I-290, over!!
by Fagam’s hero December 27, 2019
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you can put a dollar value on the antique roadshow but you can't put a dollar value on geriatric road head. An oldie buta goodie
by Sunshine9838 February 4, 2010
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PBS program in which expert appraisers uncover the stories and reveal the true value of objects brought in by amateur collectors.
I cant believe how much that old piece of junk on Antiques Roadshow was worth.
by Mister Dangles September 3, 2005
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A group of lads from the North East of England. Who are train Enthusiasts, they are commonly from Newcastle and the surrounding areas. They are bashers and NEDs (New engine desperados) also there are insects ( people who will see and ride any trains) within this group. The members of this group tend to slander people in the rail scene, also they have a common dislike for a person called Mr Charlton.
The North East Roadshow are doing a Rover this summer
by Tweepwoop December 22, 2022
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