A small town in North Western Pennsylvania known for its meth, ganja, and grapes. Every Winter Mother Nature takes a four foot shit of snow on this town and the schools never close as long as the superintendant can get there in her four-wheel drive SUV.

Downtown consists of a pop machine and fat ass cops busting kids for skating and smoking reefer and loitering around the few small pieces of civilization that exist.

This town is the Pennsylvania capitol for beaners and degos. Every person is related in some way or another and indulges in incestuous sex at one point in their lives. There also is a pizza shop on every corner and an italian resturaunt on top of every pizza shop.

Most likely the most shit-ass town you will ever pass through on your way to the even shittier Erie, or Buffalo, NY.
Damn, Joe! I just passed through the most Shit-Ass town, North East, on the way to Buffalo! I just saw Lucy having sex with her sons,rolling around in dego grease and pepperoni balls!
by POPO ZAO January 22, 2009
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Also called "No Teef", Maryland because most of its inhabitants are absent teeth.
North East should be named "No Teef" as it more adequately describes the shithole.
by CecilCountySucks June 15, 2009
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cockney rhyming slang meaning to go for a slash or urinate
God, i couldnt half do with a North east
by stefanrocket August 28, 2007
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Teresa is a definition of a north east wannabe . Cellulite ass, meth mouth, burned out from meth and looks 60. Affiliated with organized crime.
there's 55 year old teresa in her van with spinners hat tilted sideways smoking meth typical north east wannabe gangster.
by BoyScoutsOfAmerica October 16, 2022
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A group of lads from the North East of England. Who are train Enthusiasts, they are commonly from Newcastle and the surrounding areas. They are bashers and NEDs (New engine desperados) also there are insects ( people who will see and ride any trains) within this group. The members of this group tend to slander people in the rail scene, also they have a common dislike for a person called Mr Charlton.
The North East Roadshow are doing a Rover this summer
by Tweepwoop December 22, 2022
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Often referred to as “the fire company”, their unreliable and clapped out buses are usually seen all parked up in the Bus Stations having been cancelled, or seen out on the road ablaze! The Managing Director commonly seen out with his axe, cutting services left right and centre to the skeleton routes that exist today - full and standing, reminding one of a somewhat “cattle class” service.
Fuck sake man, my Go North East bus has turned up full - I’ve been waiting an hour and a half for one too!
by HelloThisIsMe127647 February 4, 2023
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A small town in PA where everyone spends there time fucking and wondering if it’s okay that I’m busting a nut on my cousin that just entered highschool,

After you spend your meaningless week working at sanders market selling expired food to expiring Degos you go ahead to partners to just run into your daughter throwing her ass back at the biggest strongest African man with a weiner longer than the bar from Erie pa, you can’t do nothing about it so you go ahead and get a lap dance from whoever you are the least related to, after you are done getting your nut on for 25 dollars and 2oz of picked grapes by illegal Mexicans you drive home past cops who’s pants are so big they constantly look like they are flying out of a plane.

We have a vape shop where the owners think it’s cool to let minors give them head and dances for Juuls and rides to Erie.

There’s more meth out here than cars. There’s barely any traffic here but 9 times out of 10 if you grew up here one of your friends have died tragically from a car wreck.

Living here also means you know atleast 6 people that were raped by the wagners or scully family.
Hey man is that joe scully

Yeah man it seems like it is

Is that him raping someone while his cousin Bryce Wagner is punching a pregnant women?

by Niqqamoe June 29, 2022
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