Rifa is a gorgeous girl with an amazing way of seeing the world. She gives good advice and is a lovely friend. She's the nicest, sweetest most angelic person one can imagine and is very caring. In love with the universe and with Nutella, and ofc Spotify
She can be a bit grumpy at times and she apologizes a lot! But she's the Best
She's such a Rifa

That's so much like Rifa
by rifaxnutellaa November 20, 2021
A strange person who is not usually considered as a human due to their alienated nature. They are timid and brittle inside, emotionless and cruel outside. However, these feelings may differ, but all have a dark and depressing theme. Rifas like kind and caring people, who are loyal and honest.
Oh, she is a Rifa.

I met lots of Rifas the other day.
by 101_xyz October 20, 2019
Rufa Is a bitch, she’s the teachers pet, she doesn’t care ab anyone other than herself, she’s Selfish, sometimes she can be a good friend, but mostly a whore. She always fights with people
Are you trying to fight with me? Ugh you’re such a Rifa
by copofcoffeewhore June 12, 2020
spanglish.literally means "raffle".but used as saying a certin gang or area is "the baddest" or "untouchable". mexican slang
literal- im going to the rifa

slang- east los rifa
by SOUTHSIDER January 5, 2005
A beautiful girl with very long hair. Stunning and gets a lot of guys. Gives good advice but not always a good friend.
by among June 23, 2018
This word also means fighting.
Don't make me switch to rifa!
by Carel Johnson December 8, 2005