Pronunciation Key- (Norse)

1.The word used in Norway for the in word "Norwegian"

2. Relating to Norway or its beautiful people, language, or culture

(can be used as both singular and plural)
1. Girl from UK: "OMG! That norsk is sexy!"

2. "These Norsk know how to party!"
by coconuts August 5, 2006
Norsk is the language Norwegian people speak.
Norsk: Hei, hva skjer?

Translated to English: Hey, what's up?
by exenpipp July 15, 2008
Norsk is the language the Norwegian speak.

It is often very hard for Americans (or actually everyone who don't come from Scandinavia to speak it.

American dude nr. 1: - Hey, I can speak a little "Norsk"
American dude nr. 2: - Sweet, isn't that difficult?
American dude nr. 1- Yeah! But that is just because we are from America.
by exenpipp July 13, 2008
Our Lord and Savior.
King of Car Air Fresheners.
"Hail to Ultra Norsk!"

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck is that?"
"Ultra Norsk, you fool!"
by DarthStew June 23, 2003
Someone with heritage from Norway but lives in Sweden. Tall and slim, yet beautiful.. but only on the inside, not like the fit birds that Norway produce. Often a free spirit and a great friend, untill this male meets a woman he’s a great companion.

A Norske draws attention from women, as most tall people do, thinking that they are well endowed, but he’s not a grower rather a shower at his best, if 6 inches qualify?

A Norske like his suits, dressing well and look crisp. But what all Norske don’t see, is that a good suit will not make up for the lack of muscles or brain.

Norske lacks common social skills at most things in life. The lack of finess and simple technique often displays itself as a big challenge to communicate to girls. Typical a strike out kind of a guy .

A norske turn on is the long feet of his best friend Henke. Secretly wanking to his best friends weird looking feet is a common trait to all Norske out there in the world.

Actually not born in Norway makes him not respected at both sides of the border in Sweden or Norway. A laughing stock to all scandinavians.

Not all things are bad about a Norske, he supports Manchester United wich in fairness makes him a top bloke
Did you see him Norske out with that girl?

Lack of muscles makes u such a Norske!

You got Norske looks, only a mother can appriciate that.
by Norseman pung March 7, 2020