The act of deconstructing fashion by purposely dressing blank or dull. What once started as a post-ironic anti-fashion, "purposely uncool" trend by hipsters in an attempt to pull away from the subculture fashion that were becoming commercialized and popular, norm core is quickly becoming a legitimate fashion trend. Characterized by boxy, unflattering jean jackets, oversized sweatshirts, gift shop baseball hats. Anything that looks like it might be featured in a Calvin Klein from 1998, or anything you'd wear around the house on laundry day.
Me: Since when did everyone start dressing like Jerry Seinfeld? Not just the hipsters, either. Forever 21 is selling these horribly patterned oversized sweatshirts that look like stock left over from 2001. What's going on?

Friend: lol, normcore. Embrace it.
by topangarang March 31, 2014
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Chandler-"Hey, you see that guy? I bet he listens to normcore."
by bandfreak33 August 7, 2018
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A subculture based on conscious, artificial adoption of things that are in widespread use, proven to be acceptable, or otherwise inoffensive. Ultra-conformists.

First featured as a fictional population in the webcomic Templar, Arizona, but normcores are totally real.
Oh, shee-it! You just got gang signed by the worst of 'em! Y'see the slight forward tilt of the chin, and the causal "hey" with the silent H? That means he's NORMCORE. Dangerously regular. Dresses only in T-shirts and jeans, uses slang appropriated from other subcultures, but only 3 years after its first use, an' only after it's been used in a sitcom."
by Skaught March 27, 2009
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synonymous with cool

It's like parkour but for people that aren't assholes. Normcore is an exercise in irony. it's being cool through not being cool. it's an existential statement about value: that everything is valueless, and that's what gives it its value. because we're only yolo'ing once. so you might as well yolo in comfortable, non-descript clothes that mirror the reality of your both existing and not existing in the flux. Once you achieve nothingness and being simultaneously, you reach nirvana which a religious term for one big long orgasm. If you want to have one big long orgasm, come with me.
Did you see that hot chick walking around in those sweat pants and bedsex hair? She's so fucking normcore. She don't take no shit from nobody. And she don't give no shit to nobody.
by Spencemeister Sigma May 19, 2014
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Normcore is a term used to ironically name something "normal" or "natural" when it is, in fact, very strange, deranged, and disturbing. This can range from behavior to an person to a natural phenomena, and is used as a descriptor.
"Did you see that episode of Hannibal? Yeah, Hannibal Lecter is so normcore about Will Graham, I'm sure nothing bad will happen in the later seasons."
by victor-blueclove September 25, 2023
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