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synonymous with cool

It's like parkour but for people that aren't assholes. Normcore is an exercise in irony. it's being cool through not being cool. it's an existential statement about value: that everything is valueless, and that's what gives it its value. because we're only yolo'ing once. so you might as well yolo in comfortable, non-descript clothes that mirror the reality of your both existing and not existing in the flux. Once you achieve nothingness and being simultaneously, you reach nirvana which a religious term for one big long orgasm. If you want to have one big long orgasm, come with me.
Did you see that hot chick walking around in those sweat pants and bedsex hair? She's so fucking normcore. She don't take no shit from nobody. And she don't give no shit to nobody.
by Spencemeister Sigma May 19, 2014
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