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The act of deconstructing fashion by purposely dressing blank or dull. What once started as a post-ironic anti-fashion, "purposely uncool" trend by hipsters in an attempt to pull away from the subculture fashion that were becoming commercialized and popular, norm core is quickly becoming a legitimate fashion trend. Characterized by boxy, unflattering jean jackets, oversized sweatshirts, gift shop baseball hats. Anything that looks like it might be featured in a Calvin Klein from 1998, or anything you'd wear around the house on laundry day.
Me: Since when did everyone start dressing like Jerry Seinfeld? Not just the hipsters, either. Forever 21 is selling these horribly patterned oversized sweatshirts that look like stock left over from 2001. What's going on?

Friend: lol, normcore. Embrace it.
by topangarang March 31, 2014
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