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The definition of normal may seem to be obvious and completely understood, but oh to the contrary. This houshold ordinary boring word has been given new life by one binge drinking alcoholic of Franklin VA. Such uses as "I am normal" or "How normal are you" are popping up every where throughout the asshole of courtland to describe the 'level of intoxication' for an individual. Although I feel the new definition of the word 'normal' is fuckin retarded, may all pinnacle (grey goose) drinkin mofos across region have fun asking each other dumb ass questions like "how normal are we getting."
Drunkyard 1: Hey T, how normal are you?

T: Pretty normal.

Drunkyard 1 (ten seconds later): Hey T, how normalll are we??

T: I guess pretty normal.

Drunkyard 1 (56 seconds later): Lets take shots and get normal.

And this pattern continues untill guy 1 gets too drunk to say the word normal.
by MikeBrownsnumber3fan January 29, 2008
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