1 a Bright Light

Is very versatile and amazingly brilliant.
A lady with a brilliant personality would be named this.

Example 1
Wow, dude your such a Noreen

Example 2
Annie: Your such a loser
Aleesha: Your no Noreen either, ya saddo!!

Example 3
Such a Noreen wannabe
by Mu_n March 05, 2007
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Is that a Noreen?

Are your eyes burning out of your head cause she is so hot?

Yes to both.
by ReallyTheRealLiam April 12, 2011
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Hailie: wow
Julianne: wow
Haley: wow
Hailie: wow that’s noreen
by hxiliepp September 14, 2020
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the mayor of a small town, which excells at sports and academics.
dude 1: dude, that town is so good at sports!
dude 2: it must have a noreen!
by tutbs June 13, 2008
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a socially contagious phenomenon characterized by unfounded anxiety, paranoia and depression over the anticipated result of one's examination often exhibited by a law student feigning unintelligence while manifesting apparent intelligence. It is also a specie of academic bluffing.
Gwen is inflicted with noreenism. She persistently claimed that she would fail in the Torts exam; when the results came out, she topped the exam. Tsk..tsk..tsk.
by usc law August 20, 2009
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Well known Irish TV character famous for her extravagant wedding plans..
Honey,i've just hired a wedding planner....Aw,don't be going all ''Noreen Doogan'' on me....
Stephanie's having a horse and carriage for her wedding....How ''Noreen Doogan'' is that...
I don't know whether to have a church or a civil ceremony...What would ''Noreen Doogan'' do..
by thefullronnie September 05, 2011
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Any incompetent person (of either sex) that has cost you time, energy or money because they did not perform their job correctly.
Today I got a shipment that was packaged by a Noreen. There was no invoice. I called customer service, and a different Noreen over there took two hours to E-mail me a simple excel file.
by A. Nony Mouse. August 22, 2007
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